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I’m Molly Schoberg, I’m a licensed mental health counselor (LMHC) in the state of Indiana. I offer online video or telephone sessions, as well as in office sessions in Bloomington. As an interactive therapist that specializes in anxiety & depression, my goal is to not only improve symptoms, but to help you build your own resiliency and mental wellness.

Taking the first step in starting therapy can feel daunting, and my hope is to make it as easy as possible.




I work with individuals & couples on a variety of issues- some of the most common are anxiety, depression, self esteem, relationship issues, communication, life transitions, trauma, self discovery, personal development & mental health maintenance.

Online Counseling

Completely private, effective mental health counseling in the comfort of your home.

In Office Counseling

Prefer face to face? Join me in my cozy space at 1117 North Jackson Street, Bloomington.


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